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Python metaclasses - What, Why and How!

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This blog post is WIP

Everything in Python is an object. So Lists, Strings, Functions, Modules, Classes everything are objects. Wait, but what actually is an object?

Different programming languages define object in a different style. Talking about Python, everything is an object in the sense that it can be assigned to a variable or passed as an argument to a function. In short, anything that goes on the right hand side of the equation is an object.

Classes as Objects

Classes are objects too in Python. As classes are objects, we can

  • Assign a class to a variable
  • Add attributes to it
  • Can pass it as a function parameter
class DummyClass(object):

# Function func takes class as an argument
def func(DummyClass):

# Assigining class to a variable
a = DummyClass

# Passing class as a parameter to a function